23/06/2014 ~#NicholasA ~ The Makers, The Wonderers, The Watchers


In every society you find these people: The Makers, The Wonderers, The Watchers.

The Makers are the change agent. They have dreams and they pursue these dream with all they’ve got. They have the mindset that every other thing they have is to help them achieve that dream and they go all out at it. And they create new things, new achievements, new heights, and new possibilities, new rules. They are never afraid to fail and whenever they do, they pick themselves up and have a go at it again. They make history.

The Wonderers are always amazed at new things, they want to know how it happened and what made it happen. They are fascinated and will quickly embrace it if given the opportunity but they will never create anything new themselves. They are the history tellers.

The Watchers are not bothered about new things. They do not dream…

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