24/06/2014 ~#NicholasA Love Who You Are!

Someone once said, “there is only one person you spend your whole life with, and that is yourself. If you aren’t ok with you, there is an issue”. 
The key to living a happy life begins with you. You can never feel true happiness if you are not satisfied with the man or woman you’ve grown to become. 
You must learn to tell yourself every now and then that you are special and that you deserve the good things of life. 
This does not mean that there should be no effort to improve, what it means is that you are celebrating yourself for having come thus far and achieved this much. 
It will help to boost your confidence to pursue the next big dream.
In places where you have succeeded, some persons failed, the things you find easy, some would not even dare venture it, the dreams you have, a lot of people are not thinking in that direction. 
It all indicates that you are unique and special in your own way and that’s why at the end of every post I send out, I would always add “I honour you”. 
But lets not forget, every physical manifestation has a spiritual foundation and thus you must appreciate Him who has given you grace and privilege to have come this far. 
In like manner, you must also learn to forgive yourself in areas where you have failed and have not measured up. If you don’t, it creates a failure mentality in your mind and this hinders your ability to dream and achieve. 
Have a blissful Tuesday. 
I honour You!
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