27/06/2014 ~ Be Nice, It’s Not Just About You All The Time!

One of the things I have come to understand while working with different individuals over time is the fact that some persons have not learnt how to keep family issues at home and truly be at their work or study place with the attention and right frame of mind that it deserves.  
That’s why you find some persons acting weird or unfriendly even in the morning when they just resumed.  
They will easily pick up a quarrel over issues that do not demand it and they will give you unfriendly response when you need their services or help.
Though this is not professional, and such individuals must learn to actually “be at work or study place when they are there” and lock up on whatever might be happening in their personal lives while they are at work, we still need to learn to work with such persons whenever we encounter one.  
The first thing you must know is that, Everyone you meet is fighting their own battles (health, relationship, family, financial etc.), learn to be gentle. Quarreling with them or trying to point out they are wrong at that point in time will definitely not help matters. 
Try to understand what’s causing their frustration and anger if you are close to them, otherwise, learning to bear with them is key. 
Ignore how bad they treated you and cut them some slack, but when you get to realize that it’s becoming too consistent, you might need talking to his or her boss or friend.
And most importantly, do not allow them to ruin your own day. You owe yourself a happy day.
Finally, do say a prayer for them and wish the well. 
I honour you. 
T: @ItsNicholasAE  
G+: +NicholasAkomire 

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