05/07/2014 ~#NicholasA ~ The Inevitables of Success. #5 – You Will Loose Money!


Money they say, makes the world go round. It is the oil that lubricates the wheels of your dreams.  

In moving your dreams from being just mere aspirations to full fledged realities, you need to invest in it. And so many times, those investments don’t bring returns immediately. Some will take time a while, some will never bring in returns because they were wrongly spent. Those are referred to as necessary losses. 

In any of those cases, you are gaining experience that is needed for the survival and growth of your dream in the long run.  

Losses should not make you give up on your aspiration for success, but rather it should make you more determined to succeed so that you can get back all that you have lost along the way. 

One of the ways of reducing losses is ensuring that every single expense made in line with that…

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