11/07/2014 ~ #NicholasA ~ The Inevitables of Success. #11 – They Will All Be Worth It!

Picture the life of a seed when planted. It is first separated from its fellows and thrown into the cold earth. Dirt is thrown over it, moisture and water becomes its companion. It experiences rot and decay. All its beauty is lost. These it endures for a period of time and thereafter the highest form of its beauty is revealed. It grows into something admirable and more profitable than its initial state. It brings food to the eater and more seeds to the sower. It gives shade to everyone that would come under it and it is now able to dance in the wind. All of which were never possible while it was a seed. Looking at the outcome, you will definitely agree, the pains were worth the gain. 

This is the same thing that happens to us on the path of success. All of the Inevitable events that will happen to you along the way are there to make you better and more valuable. Success will not come easily, but it will surely come as long as you take decisive steps daily, never giving up. 

Anne Frank wrote “I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains”. Everything I have listed from 1 – 10 in the Inevitables of success are not the sweet things you want to hear about success, they are the direct opposite. They are not there to deter you but rather to make you more determined at achieving success. 

“Winners take time to relish their work, knowing that scaling the mountain is what makes the view from the top so exhilarating” ~ Denis Waitley. You don’t just get up and climb a mountain, you must first find out what you might likely face along the way, then you prepare for it. That is why you need to pay attention to the Inevitables of success if success is actually what you seek. 

Success is possible to him who believes. 

Believe that you can and you will. 

I honour you! 

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