16/07/2014 ~ #NicholasA ~ 7 Life Lessons From Benjamin Franklin. #4- Be Persistent!

We are still on the life lessons of Benjamin Franklin one of the greatest men that walked this earth. 
Another important character that made him stand out was his ability to persist. You will agree with me that no invention happens over night. It takes continuous research and series of testing and trials before perfection can be achieved. And sometimes this takes months and years as well as loads of resources. But in the end when the new invention has been achieved, the benefit outweighs the work and finance that went into it.
Benjamin Franklin once said “Energy and persistence conquers all things.”
In order for you to win and achieve what you set out for, you must develop a nature that persists, that never gives up, that is not easily put off. 
The truth is, things will not always turn out the way you hoped or expected, and in such cases it is left for you either to hold on or let go. 
Holding on requires passion. You cannot persist at something that you were not passionate about. You will not find reasons why you should not hand in the towel and just walk out. 
“To be a top performer you have to be passionately committed to what you’re doing and insanely confident about your ability to pull it off.“
– John Eliot
One advice is, If you are not passionate about it don’t start cos you will not find reasons to hold on when the storms come. 
Go do what you have a passion for. 
And once you start, keep going until you achieve your dreams.  
Never ever give up!
Have a great day. 
I honour you! 
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