21/07/2014 ~ #NicholasA ~ 15 Success Habits You Need To Develop!

Habits describes how an individual naturally responds to things without a second thought. 
Right from birth everyone of us developed different habits depending on our background and the type of training we received. 
For example I recently learnt that whenever you return to the house after the days job or outing, the first healthy thing to do is to wash your hands before you touch anything in the house, it keeps the germs away. I bet a good number of us don’t know or practice that before now.
Over the next 15 days, we will be learning 15 habits associated with success. Just like you have healthy habits that keeps you fit and in good health, Success also has it’s own habits. Some you already know and has become part of your everyday life while some would be new to you. 
1. Stability! 
Sometimes, we become slaves to our emotions. With our emotions going down we also go down, and when our emotions go up, we rejoice. We allow this to rub off on the job we do and how we respond to people in the work or business place. 
Sometimes it results in transfer of aggression, at other times it’s mood swings. But whichever form it takes, if you can’t keep it together, your success for that day is not guaranteed.
Try to master your emotions – refuse to be affected by them. If you keep yourself stable no matter what moods you experience, this energy of stability will attract success. 
You have to be bigger than your emotions if you want to have a greater than average life. 
Have a successful week ahead.
I honour you! 
I am your friend, 
T: @ItsNicholasAE 
G+: +NicholasAkomire 

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