22/07/2014 ~ #NicholasA ~ 15 Success Habits You Need To Develop. #2 Reliability!

reliability-word-magnifying-glass-24478387How reliable are you? Can people commit things to you and go to sleep with the believe that you will deliver? Do you promise and back out at the 11th hour? From 1 – 10 on the scale of reliable people, where do you fall?
In the epic high fantasy movie, Lord of the Rings, we see that being unreliable has great consequences. In the story, there were a group of people known as the men of the mountain. At the rise of Sauron, these men swore an oath to the king of Gondor, Isildur to go to battle with him but when he needed them to stand against the enemy, they reneged, vanishing into the mountains and Isildur put a curse on them, decreeing that they would never rest until they had fulfilled their obligation. And they lived with that curse till they all died and even in death, they were not free from it. It was till they yielded to Aragon’s call and followed him to battle were they freed of the curse. Their participation in that battle gave the people of middle earth the greatest victory over the dark lord at the city of kings, Minas Tirith.  
 Someone once said “a shift in fortune tests the reliability of friends”.
Success is like a friend. Friends don’t trust you and don’t visit that often if you constantly let them down. In fact, you’re risking not having any friends at all if they find you utterly unreliable.
The same goes for success. You repel it if you don’t keep your word or don’t take your actions and behavior seriously. People won’t seek your services if over time you’ve let them down.
People need someone who they can rely on not someone that would bail out on them.
Ask yourself if you are a reliable person. If not, try to become so.
Have a productive Tuesday.
I honour you!
I am your friend,
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