26/07/2014 ~ #NicholasA ~ 15 Success Habits You Need To Develop. #6 Value Yourself.


Value Yourself
One of the most beautiful things God created is you, that’s why my friend @IamQueenVikcy wrote in her song…
“Did I hear you say, nothing special about me, did I hear you say, am not important, didn’t make you first so won’t sweat, made all things first so you will flex, oxygen from plant to you, nature works hand in hand for you, don’t you ever undermine my priceless craft that took my time, you should really know your worth, 24 hours nor be mouth, finger prints unique design there’s not the one that looks like yours, each time I look at you I find reasons to scream BEAUTIFUL……”
Walt Disney once wrote ~ The more you like yourself, the less you are likely anyone else, which makes you unique.
You must learn to appreciate YOU, It’s vital for your success.
Success can only come if you feel worthy of it. Most people don’t, because of their “not–dealt-with” past hurts. Whether these emotional pains were caused by parents’ discouragements, teachers’ close-minded criticisms or peers’ hurtful remarks, you should deal with them so that they would stop affecting your self-esteem.
The fact that you have come this far is a confirmation of your uniqueness, don’t undermine that.
Learn to behave like the male Lizard  as the African proverb would have it, who when he falls from a great height praises himself with a nod when no one else will.
Do celebrate yourself.
Have a great weekend!
I honour you!
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