27/07/2014 ~ #NicholasA ~ 15 Success Habits You Need To Develop. #7 Personal Integrity.

Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates. There’s plenty of movement, but you never know if it’s going to be forward, backwards or sideways ~ Jackson Brown.
One of the most important value that people look for in an individual is integrity. People want to interact and have dealings with someone whose words and actions can be trusted, not an individual whose integrity is in doubt.
It is very important that what you said yesterday is the same thing that you will say today, tomorrow and any other day thereafter. Once people realize that you are inconsistent in your words and actions, they will withdraw from you and when that begins to happen, you are gradually losing your shot at success.
Always follow your heartfelt values, and never let a situation or anyone steer you away from doing what you know is right. Be someone that people can look up to and respect and not someone who trades his or her moral values for material gains in life.
You do not need to bend your moral value in order to win anyone.
Will Smith said “Don’t chase people. Be yourself, do your own thing and work hard. The right people – the ones who really belong in your life – will come to you and stay”.
Keep doing what is right, keep holding up your personal integrity, your success is not far away.
Have a wonderful Sunday celebration and thanksgiving.
I honour you!
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