01/08/2014 ~ #NicholasA ~ 15 Success Habits You Need To Develop. #11.Being Ready for Success!

“We must not be afraid of dreaming the seemingly impossible if we want the seemingly impossible to become a reality” ~ Vaclav Havel
Everybody wants success but few are ready to receive it. Success doesn’t enter your life until you’re ready for it. You need to consistently remind your unconscious mind where you dream to be even when you have not gotten there. 
Someone once said “dress to look the position or achievement you dream of not the one you already have”. By so doing you attract that dream. 
It’s easy to find out if you’re ready for it or not. This is how: 
Close your eyes and visualize as realistically as you can living your ideal life. See it happening now and here. Really try to get the feeling that you’re living your perfect life. 
What kind of feelings arose during the vision? Any feeling of being uncomfortable or feeling awkward, like that you’re not supposed to be there, it’s a sign that you’re not ready. If that’s the case, investigate why. Maybe you need more self confidence or more knowledge.
Feeling like at home, relieved or happy, on the other hand, is a sign that you’re ready for success.
If you didn’t get the feeling of being ready, do not worry too much, all it means is that you need to put in more dedication to pursuing your dreams. 
Always remember to do this:
Don’t start your day with the broken pieces to yesterday, everyday is a fresh start. Everyday is a new beginning. Every morning we wake up is the first day of our new life. Make use of that new energy and determination to pursue your dreams. 
Happy New Month, Welcome to August 2014. 
I honour you. 
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