04/08/2014 ~ #NicholasA ~ 15 Success Habits You Need To Develop. #14. Following Your Conscience!

The ability to choose is one of the greatest gift God has given to everyman, it is left for us to use that gift at our discretion. And that is why the right to life is one of the fundamental human right in every normal society.
This gift makes everyone of us different because we all need different things at different times and we make choices and draw conclusions based on our needs. 
The same applies to the pursuit of success in your group, project, business, academics, dreams and family. Just as much as you get advices from different professionals and individuals on what you need to do to achieve success in different aspects of your life, it’s still your choice to decide what is right for you and your goal.
This is because it is only you that understands better why you set out to pursue that goal in the first place.
In the same vein, only you know what’s best for you. Following experts’ advice is dangerous if your inner expert is not counseled with.
Someone once mentioned that one of Nigeria’s most respected speakers who was teaching on marriage said ‘God never planned to create a woman, she is an afterthought hence she must see her husband as her master’ it was so disheartening when he went further to make statements like ‘You must never argue or disagree with your husband in all things as that would amount to rebellion before God’.
The shocking part was that the thousands of people who gathered at the meeting laugh out their life and listened as if it was God speaking. A simple question any right thinking person should have asked him was ‘What is the state of your marriage sir’?
Be careful who you listen to because many individuals make a doctrine out of their errors and you must not fall for such lie.
Always check if advice and guides resonates with your inner self before acting on it, so that you’re walking the right road to success and not the one that someone else defined for you.
Have a productive week ahead.
I honour you.
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