Success is that one thing everyone wants. We crave it, desire it, want to hold it but only comes to a few. Some say it is the result of hard work, others say it’s a product of consistent right decisions while another group believe it is a gift from higher up powers.  Whichever you believe, it’s that one thing everyone of us should enjoy every now and then. A young child who just figured out how the remote works has the feeling of being successful. An High school leaver who made all her papers would boldly tell you she is a success because for her, she does not have to write that examination again. An undergraduate who cleared all his final papers would declare to the world he is a success, for he has accomplished something great and unique, he is ready to step higher, that as well is success. A working man who just got a commendation or promotion would gladly declare “I am a success” and truly he is. What about lading a business deal? That also is success. The arrival of a new baby? A new home? Restoration of good health? A safe trip? Hmmmm… When you sit and think through it all, you will discover that everyone of us get little pieces of successes everyday even if you have not figured that out. If you can smile, you are a success. What is your definition of success? Do add it in the comment session.

Have a successful week.


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