We Are Back!

16/09/2014 ~ SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014
Hello there! How are you doing? Did you say it’s been a while? Are you kidding me? It’s been ages and SuccessJourney Daily post has been on break. Hmm… I am quite sure you missed the Daily Posts. Believe me, Daily Post missed you too.
It was quite interesting to get feedbacks from so many readers trying to find out why the break and if I was doing fine. Am honoured to have such a wonderful  person as you who would so much as care about my well being. Thanks a Zillion.
The break started with me going for a camp meeting which on its own was such a wonderful experience that for so many months and years to come, I will still be reaping the benefits of it. God be praised. And yes, I prayed for you. At the end of camp while preparing to resume daily post, my phone packed up. The little piece of device wont just come up…anyways that is history. The good news is that we are back.
During the period of the break, I had the time to reflect on so many things, had interactions with different folks on different issues, took time to study some trends, got feedbacks from speaking, listened to different articles and stories and read quite a bit on different subjects.  All of these and many more we would learn from and review as we progress on SuccessJourney Daily Posts.
It’s good to be back and it’s quite great to have you here with me. Thanks once again.
Always remember: success is a journey…and it’s great to have people who would always support you down the road.
Have a wonderful day.
Nicholas Akomire
Twitter: @ItsNicholasAE


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