True To Yourself!

19/09/2014 ~ SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014

True To Yourself
True To Yourself

In my journey so far in life, I have had the opportunity and priviledge of meeting and working with different people both in the church and work place and one thing you will find so common in both places is that there are expectations on you especially when you have to lead a team, which is natural. People expect you to be perfect, they expect you to have all the answers, to know virtually everything, to have all the solutions and to be the one-stop-shop to a thousand and one thing. It’s great to meet up with your responsibilities as an employee or someone who has been saddled with certain responsibilities but what is inappropriate is when you have to stop being ‘YOU’ just to deliver.

It’s not out of place if you can’t meet up with other people’s expectations of you but it’s out of place when you lose being you in order to do that.

I believe you have certain standards and principles that you have fixed for yourself and has brought you to your successes so far, when you have to trade these so that you can measure up, then you will gradually lose sight of who you are, if you continue like that, you will be shocked to find out the man or woman you have grown to become – somebody you likely with not be pleased with.

Am not talking about change, growth or getting better at things, am an agent of all of these, am talking about when you have to give up ‘who you are’ just to become ‘who someone else wants you to be’.

Have the courage to live a life true to yourself, not the life others expect of you.

I honour you.

Nicholas Akomire

Twitter: @ItsNicholasAE


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