The 5 Winning Habits of Smart People – 2. Goal Setters

23/09/2014 ~ SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014

Goal Setting
Goal Setting

Goal setting is the next habit you need to develop as a smart individual. It is your ability to set achievable small to great tasks that needs to be completed. A goal is something that keeps you focused and it helps to keep you persistent on a particular course.

By setting goals, you become your own boos, giving yourself time by which you must have completed certain tasks that are crucial to your success is whatever you pursue.

In setting goals, always ensure that your goals are ‘SMART’ i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely. We would take out time to discuss this in depth some other time in SuccessJourney but what this means is that every goal you set for yourself, your team or your business must be clear and specific i.e. everyone who reads it should understand what is to be achieved, it must be something that can be measured or compared to a former state, it must be something achievable within the given time and resources, it must be relevant to your dream or that of the group or organization at that point in time and it must have a set time within which it must be achieved, setting a time to your goals keeps you or every member of the team on their feet. For instance as a team head of a service delivery organisation or group, your goal for that team could be: By December 2014, our customer base must have increased from ABC figures to XYZ figures so that we can meet up with the growing cost of running the organization. That is a smart goal because it is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound.

The same can be applied to your personal life. One thing you must bear in mind is that, if you are not the type that have cultivated the habit of personal goal setting, it would be difficult to implement and see one through in the place of work, business or in a group.

Carl Brad once said “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start  from now and make a brand new ending”, let the goal setting begin.

Enjoy your day.

I honour you!

Nicholas Akomire

Twitter: @ItsNicholasAE


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