The Things Successful People Do…And Why They Work! – Part 8

10/10/2014 ~ SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014

5. When You Get To The End, Keep Going!

When You Get To The End, Keep Going!

It’s been wonderful thus far in this series, the comments and feedbacks have been interesting and am quite happy at the number of persons that have taken the bold steps at pursuing their dreams and working hard at being successful. I must say, well done.

The big question today is: what happens when you’ve finally achieved that dream? You’ve gone through all the hurdles, the challenges, done this and done that and you made it through and you have a great outcome, what next? Do you sit down and live in that dream? No you shouldn’t, it is the perfect time to step up your dream or pursue a whole new one.

Highly successful people don’t stop once they achieve a goal (no matter how huge the goal), this success just serves as a launching pad for achieving another huge success. Becoming remark-ably successful in one field will give you the skills and network to be remark-ably successful in many other fields.

So you need to ask yourself how do I grow bigger or what’s next for me? You will agree with me that it becomes uninteresting when you have to tell one story over and over again. People get bored of it and no matter how great a story it is, they want to hear something else. The same thing with your life story. Achieving one goal or dream should be one of your great life story but it should not be the only one rather it should the school that teaches you how to achieve your dreams, how to manage obstacles and setbacks, how to move from dream land into reality, and now that you’ve succeeded, it is time to apply those knowledge at pursuing new things and am quite sure you’d be better at it this time.

Someone once wrote “Old enough to know better, young enough to try it again”.

Make your life story interesting, have a go at a bigger dream.

Have a beautiful Friday.

I honour you!

Nicholas Akomire

Twitter: @ItsNicholasAE


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