The Things Successful People Do…And Why They Work!– Part 10

12/10/2014~SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014

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Never Be Too Proud
Never Be Too Proud

7.Never Be Too Proud!

The tendency to become proud is in everyone of us once we begin to walk the path of success or achievement. We tend to feel we should no longer be answerable to anyone, or that we have grown above some form of correction or that we should no longer apologize to our subordinates even when we are certain we did wrong.

I for one had this challenge but I have worked on myself and have improved over the years. If you continue on this path and not make amends there are only two possible outcomes: you’d either work yourself from being a success to being a failure or you’d become very successful but lonely. Lonely in the sense that the you’d succeed is chasing away the good people in your life that can tell you the truth and you’d be left with sycophants who really do not care about you but just what you have.

The remarkably successful are fearless; never too prideful to admit a mistake or to apologize. Even when successful, we are still humans and still prone to mistakes and we would kill the zeal of the team when we cannot own up to our mistakes and apologize.

Being remarkably successful also means being able to admit that you owe your success to others, and that you’ve asked for help. We all had help and we need help along the way and whenever the opportunity presents itself, always appreciate those who were with you through the journey and who supported and ran with your vision and even those who left halfway. By such, you open your arms to receive more support in time to come.

And finally, Never be too proud to think you cannot fail because you had succeeded in something in the past. The same amount of care and hard work should be put in to maintain the success you’ve achieved.

See you at the top!

Have a great Sunday celebration.

I honour you!

Nicholas Akomire
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2 thoughts on “The Things Successful People Do…And Why They Work!– Part 10

  1. Hi, Nicholas. Thank you so much for this series. Right now I’m getting caught up on all the stuff I missed while traveling. I have created a file for myself to access all of these posts on success so I can go back to them over and over again, thus refreshing my knowledge with each attempt at implementation. Between your articles, Holly Lisle’s writing program, Timothy Pike’s Dream, Play, Write!, and Chuck Sambuchino’s tips on building a platform, I should become a successful author. Thanks so much. I’ll keep following. Have a super wonderful day!

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