Ways To Achieve Your Goals Faster and Have Fun While At It

Is it possible to do my job very well and still have fun while at it? Is it possible to grow faster than my colleagues on the same job? Is it possible to enjoy doing my job all the time and reduce my level of frustrations from setbacks? These and many more other question this series hope to answer.

To achieve your goals faster and have fun while at it, you must: 


This is like the first thing you need to always do with every new goal you hope to achieve. I mean seriously. I want you to test this out – Here’s how: Begin to notice how you feel when you are around different types of people, negative people will make you feel heavy and tired, oh and then you will begin to say negatives things they are saying too. Because they can’t see possibilities, you too will begin to think that way, always thinking of reasons why it cannot work out instead of finding reasons why it should.

Positive people who support your goals and ideas, who are cheerful and carefree will give you energy, make you feel good and more determined to live a better life. They will always give you reasons why it can be done and suggest how you could go about it. You have fun with these people and they don’t take things too seriously because they always believe in possibilities.


Albert Einstein said “If I have seen anything .. it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.

Positive people are your giants from whose shoulders you can see boundless possibilities. 

Find yours and you are set to achieve your goals faster.


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