How Long Can You Hold On?

In the pursuit of that which is great and noble and of a good report, I have come to realize that the journey is never easy, not at all.
You come to points where you begin to ask yourself questions upon questions. Questions that tends to put holes in that which you had believed in, questions that tends to put doubts in your capacity and abilities to see that dream through.
You will begin to feel tired, stressed out like you may not be able to pull it off. All these comes your way to test how long you can hold on to that beautiful dream of yours.
Even some of the people around you would turn out to be among your obstacles; they will stretch you, annoy you, take you for granted and even undermine your worth.
Do all you can to hold on to that dream…for how long you might ask. The truth is I can’t give you a definite answer but what I can tell you is that if you hold on to that dream, go through all the pains and trails, do your best to scale all the hurdles and remain diligent in it…you will smile at the end.
The outcomes will outweigh the pains, just keep keeping on.
God sees you…

This write up is to myself, if it speaks to you as well, Glory be to God Almighty


Half Empty or Half Full?

01/11/2014~SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014

Half Empty or Half Full?
Half Empty or Half Full?

Have you ever held up a glass whose content is just about the mid-line? Would you say it is half empty or half full? Whichever one you say is correct but that shows your thought process.  This same thought process to a large extent affects our perception of possibilities in real life situations because this is the simple definition of an optimist and a pessimist.

When you see things in the midline as half empty then your thought process is tolling the line of pessimism but when you see them as half full then you are on the optimist side. The big difference here is that while one believes it can get better (half full) the other thinks it can possibly get worse (half empty).

This singular line of thought affects your believe in the possibility of a plan coming to actualization. When you are reaching for things and you succeed in just getting to the midline at a certain point, this perception would determine if you want to strive further or you want to just relax and let it be.

This was the same mindset with the biblical servants whose master when travelling gave them different talents. The one who had received five saw it as half full and with that realization he knew exactly what to do in order to make it full while he who had received one talent saw it as half empty and to him, there was nothing he could do because it was ‘already half empty’, you know the outcome of their decisions.

You may not have realized this before now but it matters a lot when you are striving to make it to the top with that wonderful idea, business, goal or dream of yours.

My advice is: train your mind to walk the “Half Full” line, it will go a long way at giving you comfort and a hope that it can only get better.

I believe in YOU.

Welcome to November 2014… It’s a great new beginning.

Nicholas Akomire

Twitter: @ItsNicholasAE

What Do You Crave For?

31/10/2014~SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile growing up, I had lots of fantasies of so many things I wanted to have and those desires determined how I imagined life would be. Those fantasies to a large extent have changed over the years but what has remained constant is the understanding that whatever one gets out of life is determined by his cravings – great desires.

Your level of desire for something determines how much effort you put in to getting that thing. Do you want it badly enough or do you ‘just’ want to get it? Are you in for the real deal or just want to ‘give it a shot’? Is the dream worth keeping you awake late into the night and waking you up before everyone else or it’s another ‘let me just try’ game for you? That thought on its own would mean that you’d likely commit less time and resources to that goal because you don’t believe it strongly enough.

How does it feel to have ice cold water on a sunny day after a long walk? At that moment, the cold water is all that matters to you in the whole wide world. That should be your desire level for the important things that would determine the type of life you want.

This does not mean you get to lose touch with being human for you would be alone at the end, what it means is that you find a way to give that goal a good proportion of your time and resources for it to flourish. At beginning it might seem so far away but keeping up the desire and putting in more time would increase the chances of success.

If you think that goal is worth getting, develop a strong desire for it.

I honour you!

Nicholas Akomire

Twitter: @ItsNicholasAE

Getting From Dream Land To Reality – 6!

21/10/2014~SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014

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Rejected? Do Not Worry
Rejected? Do Not Worry

One of the key things you must bear in mind is that just as much as you have a great idea or product, not everyone you meet will buy into it initially. There are a great number of people that will be excited and ready to help you drive the dream and there will also be prospective clients and customers that would want you to start as soon as possible so that they can benefit from what you’ve got to deliver, but you must also prepare your mind to meet those that would be hesitant to key into your dream and even those who would bluntly reject it.

I firmly believe that if you are not getting rejected then you are not working hard enough yet. Every single successful person I know had to face rejection, the big question is how do you turn it to your favour?

The folks at InsightSquared suggests the following:

  • Don’t take it personally
  • Expect it
  • Be professional
  • Ask Why
  • Send a last minute proposal
  • Talk to someone who’s into similar business
  • Treat it as a necessary step
  • Be persistent
  • Stick to your routine
  • Focus on the positives
  • Never give up

But the most important thing I want you to bear in mind is that it is when you have such rejections that you actually sit down and look closely at your plan to ascertain if there are any flaws that requires urgent fixing. If everyone you meet gives a bold ‘yes’ that is great but the question is how many of those ‘yes’ or ‘great job’ are truly genuine? So you need a mixture of both yes and no to help you perfect your plan or product.

On a lighter note, someone once said “If anyone tells you they cannot see anything great in you or your idea, don’t worry, just give them a big hug and walk away cos’ life can be so difficult for the blind”.

So, expect a ‘NO’ once in a while and get better with it.

Expect A No
Expect A No

I value you!

Enjoy your day.

Nicholas Akomire
Twitter: @ItsNicholasAE

Getting From Dream Land To Reality – 5!

20/10/2014~SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014

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Find A Coach
Find A Coach

Whenever people want to go on a journey to a new destination, what they seek for is either someone to guide them, a map or a travel journal. This is because you don’t want to lose your way on your journey so you rely on the knowledge that someone else has gathered in order to get to where you want to be.

The same principle can be applied when you want to get that beautiful dream or project of yours from mere thoughts to fulfillment. There is virtually nothing that you want to accomplish that someone else has not done before, it may not be the exact same thing but in the same field or discipline. All you need to do is to tap into the expertise of professionals and accomplished individuals in that field and draw knowledge to get to where you want to be.

Just like every successful team boasts of a good coach, every accomplished individual would tell you they had someone to look up to. And most times it helps quite a lot to know that you have someone who would be there to guide your steps, throw in suggestions and correct you when you make mistakes and above all desires your overall success. s_coach_player

I have loads of coaches for whatever thing I wanted to accomplish. The good thing is that I didn’t even have to pay them as some of them had no idea they were coaching me! From family members to friends to bosses at different levels to Teajay Chunu to Steve Harris to John Maxwell etc. Imagine the bill if they knew!

So you do not really need to have one on one in order for them to coach you but if you do get that, it is quite excellent. Reading about them, following their blogs and publications helps to a large extent and adding them on social media would ensure you get anything they put out there.

Do not run blindly, find a coach. 

Do you have a Coach?
Do you have a Coach?

Have a wonderful week.

I honour you!

Nicholas Akomire

Twitter: @ItsNicholasAE

Getting From Dream Land To Reality – 4!

19/10/2014~SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014

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A writer once said “do not tell the world how good you are, show them by what you deliver”. I guess you are familiar with the saying “Talk is Cheap”? Well, it actually becomes cheap when all you do is talk and no equitable action follows. You have this wonderful idea of something unique you want to do and all you do every new week is to either chat about it or modify it continuously without starting it, that my dear, will get you either giving the idea to someone else without knowing it or letting it slip through your fingers as the time goes by. Both ways, you’d never get from dream land to reality.

It is quite important to try and get all the facts right about a new project or idea you want to pursue but do not spend the whole of your productive life just talking about it or modifying it on paper, get to work on it and you can modify as you go along. Don’t expect not to make mistakes for they are inevitable and are learning opportunities.

You must understand that every great idea in history has its time and once the right time passes it becomes worthless. So do you want to continue talking about that nice idea of yours while your clock ticks or you’d rather start running with it and see how far you can go?

My advice, just get on with it, stop with the chatting about what you hope to do and just start doing it now. That is how you will be sure to get to reality.

I believe you will get there.

Happy Sunday. Do take out time to appreciate God for when you praise “The Omega” someone said you will grow “Mega”.

I honour you!

Nicholas Akomire
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Getting From Dream Land To Reality – 3!

18/10/2014~SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014

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3. You Have Two Choices – Give Up or Go On!

Give Up or Go On
Give Up or Go On

One thing that you will always find on the path to great things is the constant bumps of discouragements and tough situations, you probably would have discovered that it is never a smooth ride to achievement. And sometimes it gets so difficult that you begin to contemplate if it is worth fighting for.

A friend of mine once said to me “Nicholas, If I had known this thing would be this tough, I would not have started it” and I replied “Thank God you did not know because you would most likely not have started it and you would not have achieved what you have achieved today”.

We all get to that point where we have to make decisions like this, either to go on or to let go, either to keep pushing or give in, either to keep believing or lose faith, either to succumb to defeat or to keep fighting. In such times, I try to answer the following questions: Am I comfortable with the current status? Is there any chance that I might get to achieve it with a little more sacrifice? Is there any story to tell from letting go? Has anyone ever gone down that path and achieved it? If they did, why will I not be able to?

Robert Tew once said “Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.” So, what do you do? Keep going or give up? It is a choice you would have to make at critical times along the way.

And just before you draw your conclusion remember this “The doubters said “man cannot fly”, the doers said “maybe, but we’ll try”, and finally soared in the morning glow while non-believers watched from below” ~ Bruce Lee.

Decide where you want to belong and I do hope you make the right decision.

Have a great weekend.

I honour you!

Nicholas Akomire
Twitter: @ItsNicholasAE