Small Beginnings Bigger Goals in Mind

Of all the things I have learnt in my life journey is the fact that anything that will become great or huge tomorrow must start small. Be it a project, a business, an enterprise or a solution to a ravaging problem.
Most of the time you will not even have an idea where all the resources you need will come from, you may not even know where the personnel or professionals you need will come from, all you are certain of is yourself and your goal. As you stay on it and work hard at it, you soon become to discover the location of these resources.
Though it could be frustrating a good number of times that you know exactly what to do but the resources are not just at your disposal, that those whom you thought would give you a lifting hand turns to be the ones actually dragging you back – sometimes intentionally, other times unknown to them.
What then produces the results is your resilience, your determination not to give up, your resolution to always dress up and show up even though yesterday went horribly bad – to keep the vision alive. That is the winning spirit.
So here and now am reminding myself to keep pushing even as the challenges push back, to keep aiming high even though they seem out of rich, to keep working even when I don’t see the results yet … This is my August resolution.
You should do same for…
Success is a Journey.

Half Empty or Half Full?

01/11/2014~SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014

Half Empty or Half Full?
Half Empty or Half Full?

Have you ever held up a glass whose content is just about the mid-line? Would you say it is half empty or half full? Whichever one you say is correct but that shows your thought process.  This same thought process to a large extent affects our perception of possibilities in real life situations because this is the simple definition of an optimist and a pessimist.

When you see things in the midline as half empty then your thought process is tolling the line of pessimism but when you see them as half full then you are on the optimist side. The big difference here is that while one believes it can get better (half full) the other thinks it can possibly get worse (half empty).

This singular line of thought affects your believe in the possibility of a plan coming to actualization. When you are reaching for things and you succeed in just getting to the midline at a certain point, this perception would determine if you want to strive further or you want to just relax and let it be.

This was the same mindset with the biblical servants whose master when travelling gave them different talents. The one who had received five saw it as half full and with that realization he knew exactly what to do in order to make it full while he who had received one talent saw it as half empty and to him, there was nothing he could do because it was ‘already half empty’, you know the outcome of their decisions.

You may not have realized this before now but it matters a lot when you are striving to make it to the top with that wonderful idea, business, goal or dream of yours.

My advice is: train your mind to walk the “Half Full” line, it will go a long way at giving you comfort and a hope that it can only get better.

I believe in YOU.

Welcome to November 2014… It’s a great new beginning.

Nicholas Akomire

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Getting From Dream Land To Reality – 7!

22/10/2014~SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014


hardworkHave you ever come across a well built guy with six packs and asked him how he developed his muscles? I am quite certain the response you will get will be ‘Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!. How about a professional runner who has won several medals? He will tell you the secret is Practice! Practice! Practice!

Similar response is what you will get from any successful business man and woman – Hard work. This is one of the most important thing that will get you from dream land to reality. You cannot have a great idea that you want to see through to reality and still sleep like every other person, that idea should keep you awake when others are sleeping and should wake you up before every other person.

People often like to throw around the old accusation disguised as a back-handed compliment, ‘oh that person is just naturally gifted or lucky.’ I’ve had it! And it’s bloody annoying and incredibly dismissive, because those folks are not around when you are busting a gut to get what you want. Sometimes it just takes sheer hard work and your hard work behind the scenes is what makes it look easy out front. Want folk to read your books? Don’t wait for a publisher, work your socks off and build your audience reader by reader. Want your online business to take off? Prepare not to sleep a lot.

The truth is this, if you are not yet ready to do the sweat breaking work, you are sure as hell not yet ready to see your dream come to fulfilment. And by the way, hard work has not killed anyone, unfulfilled dreams does.

It is time to roll up your sleeves and get yourself working on that beautiful dream of you, you will get there.

I honour you.

Nicholas Akomire
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Getting From Dream Land To Reality – 5!

20/10/2014~SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014

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Find A Coach
Find A Coach

Whenever people want to go on a journey to a new destination, what they seek for is either someone to guide them, a map or a travel journal. This is because you don’t want to lose your way on your journey so you rely on the knowledge that someone else has gathered in order to get to where you want to be.

The same principle can be applied when you want to get that beautiful dream or project of yours from mere thoughts to fulfillment. There is virtually nothing that you want to accomplish that someone else has not done before, it may not be the exact same thing but in the same field or discipline. All you need to do is to tap into the expertise of professionals and accomplished individuals in that field and draw knowledge to get to where you want to be.

Just like every successful team boasts of a good coach, every accomplished individual would tell you they had someone to look up to. And most times it helps quite a lot to know that you have someone who would be there to guide your steps, throw in suggestions and correct you when you make mistakes and above all desires your overall success. s_coach_player

I have loads of coaches for whatever thing I wanted to accomplish. The good thing is that I didn’t even have to pay them as some of them had no idea they were coaching me! From family members to friends to bosses at different levels to Teajay Chunu to Steve Harris to John Maxwell etc. Imagine the bill if they knew!

So you do not really need to have one on one in order for them to coach you but if you do get that, it is quite excellent. Reading about them, following their blogs and publications helps to a large extent and adding them on social media would ensure you get anything they put out there.

Do not run blindly, find a coach. 

Do you have a Coach?
Do you have a Coach?

Have a wonderful week.

I honour you!

Nicholas Akomire

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The Things Successful People Do…And Why They Work!– Part 10

12/10/2014~SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014

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Never Be Too Proud
Never Be Too Proud

7.Never Be Too Proud!

The tendency to become proud is in everyone of us once we begin to walk the path of success or achievement. We tend to feel we should no longer be answerable to anyone, or that we have grown above some form of correction or that we should no longer apologize to our subordinates even when we are certain we did wrong.

I for one had this challenge but I have worked on myself and have improved over the years. If you continue on this path and not make amends there are only two possible outcomes: you’d either work yourself from being a success to being a failure or you’d become very successful but lonely. Lonely in the sense that the you’d succeed is chasing away the good people in your life that can tell you the truth and you’d be left with sycophants who really do not care about you but just what you have.

The remarkably successful are fearless; never too prideful to admit a mistake or to apologize. Even when successful, we are still humans and still prone to mistakes and we would kill the zeal of the team when we cannot own up to our mistakes and apologize.

Being remarkably successful also means being able to admit that you owe your success to others, and that you’ve asked for help. We all had help and we need help along the way and whenever the opportunity presents itself, always appreciate those who were with you through the journey and who supported and ran with your vision and even those who left halfway. By such, you open your arms to receive more support in time to come.

And finally, Never be too proud to think you cannot fail because you had succeeded in something in the past. The same amount of care and hard work should be put in to maintain the success you’ve achieved.

See you at the top!

Have a great Sunday celebration.

I honour you!

Nicholas Akomire
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The Things Successful People Do…And Why They Work! – Part 8

10/10/2014 ~ SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire ©2014

5. When You Get To The End, Keep Going!

When You Get To The End, Keep Going!

It’s been wonderful thus far in this series, the comments and feedbacks have been interesting and am quite happy at the number of persons that have taken the bold steps at pursuing their dreams and working hard at being successful. I must say, well done.

The big question today is: what happens when you’ve finally achieved that dream? You’ve gone through all the hurdles, the challenges, done this and done that and you made it through and you have a great outcome, what next? Do you sit down and live in that dream? No you shouldn’t, it is the perfect time to step up your dream or pursue a whole new one.

Highly successful people don’t stop once they achieve a goal (no matter how huge the goal), this success just serves as a launching pad for achieving another huge success. Becoming remark-ably successful in one field will give you the skills and network to be remark-ably successful in many other fields.

So you need to ask yourself how do I grow bigger or what’s next for me? You will agree with me that it becomes uninteresting when you have to tell one story over and over again. People get bored of it and no matter how great a story it is, they want to hear something else. The same thing with your life story. Achieving one goal or dream should be one of your great life story but it should not be the only one rather it should the school that teaches you how to achieve your dreams, how to manage obstacles and setbacks, how to move from dream land into reality, and now that you’ve succeeded, it is time to apply those knowledge at pursuing new things and am quite sure you’d be better at it this time.

Someone once wrote “Old enough to know better, young enough to try it again”.

Make your life story interesting, have a go at a bigger dream.

Have a beautiful Friday.

I honour you!

Nicholas Akomire

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