07/08/2014 ~ SuccessJourney Daily Post with Nicholas Akomire©2014 – REARRANGE YOUR COMMON WORDS!

tw_plastic-letters-by-l_aviIt’s a beautiful Thursday and a promising one as well. The rains seem to have gone to rest on this side and the weather is getting fairer, maybe August break is here.

Today we will not be learning any new habit or checking up on old ones neither will we be doing self assessment nor dreams check, but rather we will be playing with words – Yes, playing. Hehehe…I know it’s not weekend yet but by now you must have understood that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy says the writer.  

It is necessary that you incorporate fun into your pursuit for success and excellence, it makes life fun and fun is good.

So here it is. Common words rearranged, no single letter added or omitted from the original words.


Dormitory = Dirty Room

Presbyterian = Best in Prayer

Astronomer = Moon Starer

Desperation = A Rope Ends It

The Eyes = They See

George Bush = He Bugs Gore

The Morse Code = Here Come Dots

Slot Machines = Cash Lost In Me

Animosity = Is No Amity

Election Results = Lies Lets Recount

Amnesty = Stay Men

Mother In Law = Woman Hitler

Snooze Alarms = Alas No More Z’s

A Decimal Point = Im A Dot In Place

The Earthquakes = That Queer Shake

Eleven Plus Two = Twelve Plus One

Try and see if you can rearrange any other word yourself, if you do, please let me see.

Tomorrow, we would solve some riddles.

Enjoy your Thursday and do give someone a smile as you pass by them. *Winks*

I value you.

Nicholas Akomire

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04/08/2014 ~ #NicholasA ~ 15 Success Habits You Need To Develop. #14. Following Your Conscience!

The ability to choose is one of the greatest gift God has given to everyman, it is left for us to use that gift at our discretion. And that is why the right to life is one of the fundamental human right in every normal society.
This gift makes everyone of us different because we all need different things at different times and we make choices and draw conclusions based on our needs. 
The same applies to the pursuit of success in your group, project, business, academics, dreams and family. Just as much as you get advices from different professionals and individuals on what you need to do to achieve success in different aspects of your life, it’s still your choice to decide what is right for you and your goal.
This is because it is only you that understands better why you set out to pursue that goal in the first place.
In the same vein, only you know what’s best for you. Following experts’ advice is dangerous if your inner expert is not counseled with.
Someone once mentioned that one of Nigeria’s most respected speakers who was teaching on marriage said ‘God never planned to create a woman, she is an afterthought hence she must see her husband as her master’ it was so disheartening when he went further to make statements like ‘You must never argue or disagree with your husband in all things as that would amount to rebellion before God’.
The shocking part was that the thousands of people who gathered at the meeting laugh out their life and listened as if it was God speaking. A simple question any right thinking person should have asked him was ‘What is the state of your marriage sir’?
Be careful who you listen to because many individuals make a doctrine out of their errors and you must not fall for such lie.
Always check if advice and guides resonates with your inner self before acting on it, so that you’re walking the right road to success and not the one that someone else defined for you.
Have a productive week ahead.
I honour you.
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02/08/2014 ~ #NicholasA ~ 15 Success Habits You Need To Develop. #12. Being Your Own Cheerleader!

Like everything in life, it’s not what happens to you but how you respond to it that counts ~ Steve Backley.

In your everyday pursuit of success and determination to catching your dreams, there would be times when you would make certain mistakes and you would know you actually have made a mistake, maybe early enough or sometimes later. Whichever, the way you go about punishing yourself for your mistakes matters a lot.

Do you get angry or disappointed with yourself when you make a mistake? That’s an attitude that keeps you small. It helps in creating a failure mentality in your head when you spend a lot of time blaming yourself for your mistakes.

Only when you’re easy on yourself and encourage yourself, can you start respecting yourself. Self-respect is important, because it allows you to get more joy and abundance out of life. If you keep yourself small, on the other hand, you will deny yourself a higher level of life.

Being happy with yourself all the time even when you’ve identified your mistakes gives you the strength and confidence to go out and do better than the previous day.

Steve Maraboli once said “Happiness is not the absence of problem, it’s the ability to deal with them”.

One of the things I tell myself in such situations is “I didn’t hit it 100% yesterday but I gave it my best, let’s have a go at it today again”.

Be sure to get better.

Have a fun filled weekend.

I honour you.


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01/08/2014 ~ #NicholasA ~ 15 Success Habits You Need To Develop. #11.Being Ready for Success!

“We must not be afraid of dreaming the seemingly impossible if we want the seemingly impossible to become a reality” ~ Vaclav Havel
Everybody wants success but few are ready to receive it. Success doesn’t enter your life until you’re ready for it. You need to consistently remind your unconscious mind where you dream to be even when you have not gotten there. 
Someone once said “dress to look the position or achievement you dream of not the one you already have”. By so doing you attract that dream. 
It’s easy to find out if you’re ready for it or not. This is how: 
Close your eyes and visualize as realistically as you can living your ideal life. See it happening now and here. Really try to get the feeling that you’re living your perfect life. 
What kind of feelings arose during the vision? Any feeling of being uncomfortable or feeling awkward, like that you’re not supposed to be there, it’s a sign that you’re not ready. If that’s the case, investigate why. Maybe you need more self confidence or more knowledge.
Feeling like at home, relieved or happy, on the other hand, is a sign that you’re ready for success.
If you didn’t get the feeling of being ready, do not worry too much, all it means is that you need to put in more dedication to pursuing your dreams. 
Always remember to do this:
Don’t start your day with the broken pieces to yesterday, everyday is a fresh start. Everyday is a new beginning. Every morning we wake up is the first day of our new life. Make use of that new energy and determination to pursue your dreams. 
Happy New Month, Welcome to August 2014. 
I honour you. 
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Scientist reveals possible cure for Ebola Virus – Bitter Kola to the rescue?

EbolaA plant has been found to halt the deadly Ebola virus in its tracks in laboratory tests, scientists have said. They used a compound from Garcinia kola, a plant commonly eaten in West Africa. Compounds from the plant have also proved effective against some strains of flu. If the anti-Ebola compound proves successful in animal and human trials, it will be the first medicine to successfully treat the virus that causes Ebola haemorrhagic fever – an often-fatal condition.

The discovery was announced at the 16th International Botanical Congress in St Louis in the US.

Traditional origins

Dr Maurice Iwu, who set up and heads the Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme, led the research.

It started 10 years ago when researchers were led to the plant by traditional native healers who have used the plant for the treatment of infectious diseases for centuries.

“This is a very exciting discovery,” said Dr Iwu, who himself comes originally from a family of traditional healers.

“The same forest that yields the dreaded Ebola virus could be a source of the cure.”

The Nigerian researchers claim they are a step closer to a universally accepted cure for Ebola virus, Dengue fever and leishmaniasis. They claim the herbal preparation has also been successfully used, in clinical studies, to treat hepatitis B and C, cancer, diabetes and tuberculosis.

The researchers from Halamin Herbal centre, 10 George Innih Crescent, Apo District, Abuja and Department of Histopathology and Cytology, Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) Jos, Plateau State, found that the poly herbal preparations- DAABS2 and HEPATOSAAB- strengthen the immune system through many cytokines and chemokines regulations.

Amodu is also a member of the committee inaugurated by the Director General of the National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Dr. Paul Orhii, to champion the development of herbal medicine through scientific validation of all the cure claims.

The yet to be published new study is titled “Natural and Sustainable Alternative for the Management of Dengue Fever in West Africa.”

Also results of another study presented, in 1999, at the 16th International Botanic Congress in St Louis, Missouri, United States, indicate that bitter cola (Garcinia kola), a plant widely used in traditional African medicine may contain a compound that is effective against Ebola virus disease.

Executive director of the Bio-resources Development and Conservation Programme, Prof. Maurice Iwu, explained that an extract derived from the seeds of Garcinia kola could inhibit this virus in cell culture at non-toxic concentrations.

Iwu and his colleagues identified Garcinia kola as a possible source of drugs using the method called Corbel (clinical observation-based ethnomedical lead).

Extracts from Garcinia kola seeds were tested against many complex viral diseases. The active compound, now known to be a biflavonoid, was found to be active against a wide range of viruses including the influenza virus.

Iwu reveals last week: “The active substance is an extract from Garcinia kola (bitter kola) called Kolaviron, which contains bioflavonoids and prenylated xanthones and benzophenones.
“Work was done while a scientist at the Division of Experimental Therapeutics of Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Washington DC in collaboration with Southern Research Institute (SRI).

“But no follow up. Others at Ibadan and other Nigerian universities have done follow-up work on Kolaviron.”

Fighting chance

The virus multiplies rapidly in the human body and quickly overwhelms it, and in advanced cases the patient develops high fever and severe bleeding.

The Garcinia kola compound has been shown to halt multiplication of the virus in the laboratory. If repeated in humans, this would give the body a chance to fight off the virus.
The active compound is what is known as a dimeric flavonoid, which is two flavonoid molecules fused together.

Flavonoids are non-toxic and can be found in orange and lemon rinds as well as the colourings of other plants.

Drug hopes

The tests are in the early stages still, but the researchers hope that if they continue to prove successful the compound the US Food and Drug Administration will put it on a fast track – making a drug available to humans within a matter of years.

“The discovery of these important properties in a simple compound – flavonoids – was very surprising,” said Dr Iwu.
“The structure of this compound lends itself to modification, so it provides a template for future work.

“Even if this particular drug does not succeed through the whole drug approval process, we can use it to construct a new drug for this deadly disease.”

The Ebola virus was first documented in 1976 after an outbreak in Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo – where 88% of the 318 human cases died.

More recently, a 1995 outbreak in the same country had a death rate of 81% of the 315 infected.

There are four types of the virus – Ebola-Zaire, Ebola-Sudan and Ebola-Ivory Coast all affect humans, while Ebola-Reston has so far only affected monkeys and chimpanzees.

However, doctors have been unable to stop the virus once infection has taken hold – hence the disease has gained a terrifying reputation.



(Pictured above) Dr Maurice Iwu, who set up and heads the Bioresources Development and Conservation Programme, led the research.


Culled from: BBC


30/07/2014 ~ #NicholasA ~ 15 Success Habits You Need To Develop. RESPONSE.


“Leave your excuses and live your dreams” ~ Paul Davis.

Over the past 9 days we have been on the series that focuses on the success habits every success-minded individual need to develop and I have been getting interesting feedbacks and comments. Thanks for following my daily posts. If at anytime you miss any of my post or you want to read any previous one, you can always find them on www.nicholasae.blogspot.com or www.nic4bags.wordpress.com. I will love to get your comments and contributions because I know you have a lot to share.

One of my ardent followers buzzed with a concern on success. His questions was how does the general adage “No hurry in life and slow and steady wins the race” connect to the issue of time in yesterday’s post? I am going to try and address this today.

While I was growing up, there was one popular proverb we played with in school, it says “Because the hunter has learnt to shoot without missing, birds have learnt to fly without perching”.

We must understand that life is evolving, things are changing, they are not as it used to be.

When people say no hurry in life, it does not mean you should be slow in your growth or pursuit of your dreams, neither does it mean you cannot fly if you have the ability to. You do not tell a child who just started walking to continue crawling because you feel he is too small to walk, if his bones can sustain him, he is good to go. What both advice (no hurry, slow & steady) mean is that get yourself prepared first for what you want to start cos’ if you don’t prepare enough and hurry it into, you will crash. That is the truth. But if you misunderstand them and you sit on your butt telling yourself that there is still time, am sorry to inform you, time waits for no man.  

A good illustration is the picture on my DP (if you are reading from BBM or Whatsapp). Ordinarily, the Zebra cannot outrun the Lion but with the motorcycle, he can. But if the Zebra decides to stick with the old method of running with his legs, hmmm my guess is as good as yours.  

For every man and woman, your responsibilities and expectations increases and grow as you do. The amount of money needed to sustain you some years back is not the same today, it has doubled, tripled and even more. If your income still remains the same, then you will be in great trouble.

It is your level of success that determines how much income you take home at the end of the month. And you will agree with me that new inventions and possibilities are opening up every day. People want to be part of the new happenings, employers want to use the latest tools in the market hence they seek individuals with such skills, customers want to associate with businesses that integrate latest developments. If you want to increase your level of success you must decide to start walking in areas where you have been crawling, running where you have been walking and flying where you have been running.

Someone said “good things come to those who wait but better things come to those who go out and get them”.   

The world awaits you!

Please do leave your comments.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

I honour you.


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