Friends or Lost In Time?


We were three friends, maybe you can call us the three musketeers but we weren’t mischievous or any of sort, we had the best interests of each other at heart and that meant a great deal if not for anything but for the singular reason that the anyone of us had the confidence that the other two has his or her back and would always be there when needed.

M., N., O. that was us. The initials of our first name followed each other as you would have it on the English alphabet and this gave us the believe that we would be best of friends and we sure were great friends for we did everything together.

O., M. and myself would spend hours back then going through JAMB brochures, trying to figure out what course would be appropriate to study in the higher institutions, we were fresh out of secondary school and getting a degree was the next big thing. Knowing that we were all riding on the same boat (admission seekers) meant that we could support each other down the road and this was what we did. We found ourselves checking and rechecking on each other all day just to make sure everything was going fine.

For me this was really helpful because it gave me the opportunity not only to have people who are genuinely interested in my growth but would also work with me at achieving my dreams. As a teenager back then, I was lucky to have such good influences as friends because I believe being around them at that volatile stage in life meant only two possible outcomes: live a disciplined, purpose driven life and pursue your dreams or live waywardly and end up with no specific future. And thank God we chose the former, and this is the path that has brought us thus far.

We have not yet gotten to the height we had all imagined back then and life did not turn out how we had fantasized it but it had been an interesting journey for the three of us, nonetheless we are still going and getting better by day.

We had it all going fine, we had started different courses at different institutions and suddenly we found ourselves drifting from each other – we weren’t best of friends anymore. What happened? What changed? Who had severed our bond? Though we were not falling apart, but the centre would not just hold. Was it school? Or was it new interests? We knew something was wrong but what it was we could not figure out and somewhere along the line we all succumbed to faith.

Was it meant to happen this way or it was by our choosing? So many things have changed, our journeys have only begun and there is still some hope that we could still achieve great things together…”



Hello!!! How Has Your Week Been?


Hello there, how has your week been going? Great you say? Or not too great? Whichever way it has been, am positive that it can only get better. For me, the week started off with lots of demand on me. It had not really felt like a successful week until yesterday when I had to ask myself, what makes a week successful or great? Is it solely by the turnovers or by the amount of tasks completed or expectations met? I pondered on this all through the day while I went about trying to meet the demands of the day, not until evening did I get my answers. I got 5 different calls and communications within the day from 5 different people on issues that relates to different aspects of my life; leadership, business, family, friends and dreams. Some were brief, some were lengthy but they all put together gave me my answers.

A great week is not measured by just the turnovers, it’s about knowing that you had become better while you worked hard at making those turnovers happen.

A great week is not measured by just the number of tasks completed, it’s about the joy of knowing that you have a reason to set the alarm that wakes you up every morning regardless of what you do because there are a million and one person out there who are praying to have just a quarter of the week you call ‘boring’ or ‘unproductive’.

A great week is not measured by the just the number of expectations you meet, it’s about the smiles and joy you leave in the heart of the people whose expectations you work hard to meet. They may not tell you directly, but somewhere in their heart, they are saying “you’ve made my day”.

A great week is knowing that tomorrow, you still got the opportunity to chase your dreams and live your life to the fullest. A great week is knowing that someone, somewhere have reasons to smile and have reasons to hope because they had an interaction with you.

So once again I ask, how has your week been? Cos’s mine has been great, it’s set to get better.

Enjoy your day.

Tomorrow we would kick start a new series, “Ways To Achieve Your Goals Faster and Have Fun While At It”. Do keep up.

#Advice – Wherever you go, whatever time it is, always bring your sun shine – your smile, the world needs more of it.

I value you.

Nicholas Akomire


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